meet marina 

“Life under the influence of an untamed mind is filled with chaos, drama, and suffering."
 -Marina Barone-
Marina is a 30-year veteran of coaching corporate executives from Wall Street and North America, to the city of London and Continental Europe.


Renowned as a dynamic, powerful, and inspiring coach, she devoted her life to finding compassionate solutions to “people problems” and developed her own system-

"The Conflict Cure," for your benefit.


Marina has helped society's Leaders, Celebrities, Couples in conflict, Ministers, Military, Business Teams, Families, and Teens, identify and successfully navigate through the deluge of human emotions and harmful mental constructs, back to a place of peace and personal power.  


Her passion is peace and her mission is to show people how to access their own power so that they can enjoy their lives, instead of enduring it, and get them back to a life they'll love.

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"Marina is a real practitioner of Radical Honesty, heart, and soul and she is testimony to the

benefits of openness. I love her.


She's a powerful, contactful, beautiful person who listens well and with compassion, and at the same time is a tough coach. If you're not serious about asking her for help and willing to take the

risks necessary to learn, you may get fired by her!

Otherwise, you'll get fired up by her!"



                 ~ Brad Blanton, Ph.D

             Author of Radical Honesty



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Couples Coaching

If you want to know how happiness happens, and are ready to put your relationship first, this work was made for you. True intimacy can only be experienced when couples engage in complete transparency; secrets and all, and are willing to share their thoughts, feelings, and sensations... without editing!  Work with me to uncover the origins of your patterns with my "Conflict Cure," and I'll show you how to navigate through any troubling dynamics with confidence.


Anger is a healthy place to visit but a costly place to stay! I will teach you how to express your anger in a healthy way and help you rid yourselves of toxic, passive-aggressive, punishing behaviors that slowly kill off relationships, leaving you sad and deflated. You'll enjoy the freedom and energy that gets released when you decide to be real with each other and choose true intimacy over drama and pretense. Being understood and getting your needs met will lead to a renewed relationship and arm you for success. And, a whole lotta love!

You can choose hourly coaching, both in-person or online, otherwise, you can get away and treat yourselves to an immersive couples retreat.


2-5 day intensive in Beautiful, Naples, Florida

A beautiful and serene, fully equipped holistic apt with luxury amenities and 3 acres to enjoy. You can bring your pets, too!




Couples Retreat

Personal Coaching

Whether you are seeking to become a more effective leader, communicator, or resolve outstanding conflicts in your personal life, I have all the tools you'll need to generate balance and happiness, inside and out.


Are you growing tired of putting on a happy face, every day, hiding your true thoughts and feelings, and getting fed up with feeling powerless around your anxiety, anger, or depression? 


One-to-one coaching (In-person or Online) allows us to identify the negative scripts that are running your life at home and work and all the ways that you create your own suffering.  You will learn how to master your mind in a minute and successfully navigate through the deluge of human emotions. Telling the truth will set you free.

Do you have a spiritual anchor in your life? Does your life have any meaning outside of yourself?  When you cultivate a relationship with God/ Higher Power, and live in contribution/service to others, you will elevate your life.

"Happiness doesn't come from serving yourself,

it comes from serving others."

~ Marina Barone



Family Harmony

Understand that the origin and systemic impact of your personality, pain and pleasure patterns stem from the family you grew up in. Facing and feeling your way through these unresolved relationships, traumas, and unhealthy learned scripts is the first step toward healing most of your woes.

Childhood patterns get re-created in current relationships and can keep you from healthy, fulfilling, and emotionally intelligent partnerships. Having open, honest conversations with your parents and siblings about unexpressed upsets and longstanding resentments is key to your own emotional freedom. Getting closure and letting go of the past will help you generate a future that's free from the painful patterns that have kept you in rinse-repeat destructive cycles.

Family sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each person to ensure satisfaction and success.  Break your destructive cycles by delving into conversations you have avoided your entire life and get present to the love that lives beneath.