​​Marina Barone

Corrales, NM

Tel: 505-577-4656

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    Areas of Application

    Brain Arousal & Alertness, Concentration, auditory discernment, ADD/ADHD.
    Executive functioning.
    Brain Plasticity, Focused & Adaptive Attention, Retention, Creativity, Learning Disabilities & Dyslexia,
    Speech, Reading, Writing, Phonemes Discrimination & Precision, Audio-vocal Feedback Loop & Delayed Language Acquisition, Voice Quality and Rhythm. Stuttering.
    Self-Regulation of Emotions for Balance, Depression & Anxiety, Stress Regulation, Motivation, Empathy, and a Desire to Communicate.
    Fine & Gross Motor skills, Posture, Balance, visual-spatial awareness, Sensory Integration & Regulation, Tactile Defensiveness,98 rhythm,
    Tinnitus, Parkinson, Epilepsy, Stroke, and Palsy.
    Delays and Alterations in Cognitive Development and communication and social interaction, Asperger Syndrome, Sensory processing disorders, and Down Syndrome.
    Lack of Accuracy/Precision/Pitch. Too Nasal, low, or bright. Monotone or Dull Timbre, Pushing and Straining, lack of control.
    Precise Articulations, Projection, Accurate Ear-Vocal Loop Prediction, Annunciation and voice color and Timbre.
    Desire to Communicate and be Social, and connect with family and friends. Eye contact, Empathy and Mirror Neurons.
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    Brain Arousal

    Auditory Discernment

    Executive Functioning

     Alertness Concentration





    Brain Plasticity

    Learning Disabilities

    Focused & Adaptive Attention




    Voice Precision

    Vocal Timbre/Rhythm


    Audio-Vocal Feedback Loop Delayed Language Acquisition

    Stuttering/Speech Impediments




    Stress Regulation

    Depression & Anxiety

    Desire to Communicate

    Self-Regulation of Emotions






    Tactile Defensiveness


    Visual-spatial awareness

    Fine & Gross Motor skills


    Sensory Integration & Regulation



    Down Syndrome

    Asperger Syndrome

    Sensory processing disorders

    Delays/Alterations in cognitive development and communication/ social interaction






    Lack of Vocal Control

    Pushing and Straining

    Too Nasal, low, or bright

    Monotone or Dull Timbre

    Lack of Accuracy/Precision/Pitch





    Precise Articulations

    Voice Color and Timbre

    Accurate Ear-Vocal Loop Prediction, Annunciation





    Eye contact

    Empathy and Mirror Neurons

    Desire to Connect/Communicate  Relaxed and playful with family and friends with emotional balance





    The Process

    1. Preliminary Interview

    We start with an individualized assessment adapted specifically to your problem, followed by an in-depth interview to understand your particular challenge or disorder.

    Parents with young children and autistic children will have the opportunity to complete a preliminary online 40-minute-questionnaire specifically designed to fully understand each child’s profile and create a tailored program. This test is called TED (Tomatis® Evaluation Database).

    A commitment of 3 sessions are required for maximum and long lasting effects and the purchase a Forebrain Headset to sustain the transformation created by the Tomatis Method.

    All sessions with children are done in the comfort of your own home in their playroom.

    3. Listening Sessions-Active

    These sessions include reading aloud or verbal repetition, during which your voice is instantly modified and re-transmitted within the specific parameters of the Tomatis® effect.


    Directly and in real-time, you hear your voice corrected, and as a result your voice is unconsciously modified. This exercise is not mandatory but strongly recommended when possible, and is proposed after an initial program of passive listening.

    Active listening sessions are not systematic and depend on your profile and issues. If you can not take active sessions, the Forbrain® headset will be an effective substitution to complete you Tomatis® program.

    All sessions with children are carried out in the comfort of your own home with access to all of their toys and creative materials to be used during their listening sessions.

    100% Donated to charity at An Act of

    2. Listening Sessions-Passive

    I will create an exclusive musical program tailored to your needs. During the listening programs with the portable TalksUp® device and wireless headphones, it is important that you feel relaxed. All activities are accepted as long as they are not stressful or require too much concentration. You can draw, walk, and play. Based on your profile and progress, I will determine the duration, the rhythm and the number of sessions.

    In general, the program includes 2 to 3, 13-consecutive days of listening for 1.5 hours each day.

    Between each period, you will take a break for several weeks. These pauses are called "integration phases". They will be followed by tests and intermediate interviews before resuming a new listening session.

    You are required to purchase a Forbrain® headset to maintain the benefits in between the breaks and to continue using indefinitely to sustain the benefits of the entire program and tune-up the brain.

    4. Final Assesment

    Once the listening sessions are finished, you are given an exit assessment, which allows us to measure your progress and to determine if further sessions are recommended. The results obtained with the Tomatis® Method are long-lasting, even permanent, and consequently it is often not necessary to extend the sessions beyond the initial course (though sometimes, for certain problems, extending the program may be advised).

    In order to complement your Tomatis® listening sessions, you can also acquire the Forbrain® headset. The headset is designed to work on the auditory feedback loop and is a very valuable tool. For more information go to

    *Please note our assessment tools are designed to help us determine your profile and evaluate your improvement after listening sessions. These tools are not designed to establish a medical diagnosis. 

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