​​Marina Barone

Corrales, NM

Tel: 505-577-4656

    About Me

    Our Past is not Our Potential

    Hi, I'm Marina.

    A 27 year veteran of coaching corporate executives and couples to live radically honest, authentic, and happy lives. 

    It was my own challenging past that led me on an out-of-the-box quest for a deeper meaning to life and a full-proof way to minimize suffering.


    Yes, I turned my pain into a powerful gain and synthesized all of my knowledge and experiences into a game-changing system...the "Conflict Cure" that is going to change your life for the better.


    My life, my inner peace, and the countless lives I've helped transform are undeniable proof that no matter how hard or traumatic your past was, you can emerge stronger, become happier, and best of all... be yourself, all of the time.

    Plus, when you invest in your future through this work, you're also creating meaningful change in the world. Because 100% of your monies go directly to my charity, An Act of Dog. PBS recently aired a documentary about our work!


      Areas of Expertise  



    Psychological Assessments

    CIA Lie Detection System

    German Projective Tests







    4-year internship with Industrial Psychologist/

    Flow Team Dynamics




    Gestalt/Radical Honesty

    Solution/Brief Therapy







    Loving Communication

    The Tomatis Method

    Learning Styles





    The Human Element

    The Enneagram






    The Tree Test

    House/Hand Test

    Criminal Hand/W Analysis




    Transform your life