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I'm Marina.


An unshakeable woman of purpose and a 30-year Veteran of coaching today's Leaders, Celebrities, Politicians, Couples, Families,  Ministers, and the U.S. Army to live honest, happy, grace-filled lives. 

Because of my challenging past, I went on an out-of-the-box quest for a deeper meaning to life and to find a fast, infallible way to help people successfully navigate through the deluge of human emotions and harmful mental constructs, back to a place of peace and personal power.


I turned my pain into a powerful gain and synthesized all my knowledge and experiences into a game-changing system... "The Conflict Cure" so that you can enjoy your life, instead of enduring it, and wake up to a life worth living.     



My life, my commitment to inner peace, and the countless lives I've helped transform are undeniable proof that no matter how difficult or traumatic your past was, or how hopeless you feel about your current situation, you can emerge stronger, become happier, and best of all... be yourself, all of the time.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship. I’d love to learn more about you. The best way to share that and stay connected is to send me a message to reserve a 20-min complimentary discovery call.

Honesty is the bridge between where you're stuck, and where you want to be.

~ Marina Barone

Areas of Expertise


The Tomatis Method
Speech Specialist
Vocal/Listening Lab
Hippocrates Educator
Fasting/Cleansing Coach
Mozart Brain Therapy


German Projective Tests
H-T-P Drawing Test
Deception Detection
PTP Thinking Styles
Flow Team Dynamics
Criminal Handwriting Expert


Solution-Focused Therapy
Gestalt/Honesty Coaching
Boyne Hypnotherapy
The Human Element
Loving Communication
Industrial Psychology


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