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Honesty =



I'm Marina.


My hunch is that someone you trust mentioned my name, or you came to me because you were searching online for a way back to loving your life. Whatever path you took to reach me, I'm happy you're here. My "Conflict Cure" will arm you with all you'll ever need to navigate any upset and give you the confidence to change things up for a better life. Let's do this!

Text/call me! 239-399-2279



“Marina is a gift to my life! My time spent with her has been remarkable. On the outside, my life looked successful, on the inside my life was filled with drama, hopelessness, and pain.


Marina taught me her precise and practical system of honesty, which has enabled me to end my suffering and navigate through negative, fearful thinking and emotions toward a more peaceful life.


If you're committed to creating a life you’ll love, and want to learn a practical system that will last a lifetime, but not take a lifetime to learn, Marina is the only way to go.

She is truly... one in a million."

— Brenda Cooper

Emmy Award Winning Costume Designer, Author, and Style Guru for Fran Drescher of The Nanny, Happily Divorced, Better Late Than Never, Stylist to the Stars, and a regular on Access Hollywood!

“Life under the influence of an untamed mind is filled with chaos, drama, and suffering." -Marina Barone-
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